ERG’s New SMART BRIDGE™ Module Makes for an Easy Transition to LED BACKLIT LCD

13 JUNE 2012

Is your current LCD going end of life? Does the recommended replacement LCD have an LED backlight and a built-in driver? Are your current input signals incompatible with the new requirements? Would you like to make the LCD upgrade as seamless as possible? ERG’s Smart Bridge™ module resolves many of the problems users are currently experiencing – quickly, easily and economically – by using the system’s existing input power signals and converting the analog dimming signal used for the inverter into a PWM signal for the LED driver. In this way, the system’s existing signals are utilized, powering the LED backlight driver without additional modifications.
It’s one simple swap. Remove the inverter, plug in the footprint-compatible Smart Bridge module, and connect the input cable from the existing power supply or controller to the Smart Bridge. The Smart Bridge module converts the Power • Ground • Enable • Control signals and mates directly to the LCD via a small harness, powering the new backlight driver correctly. This avoids the time-consuming and expensive alternative of system re-design. The standard version (SBD4212F) is a Smart Bridge Pass-Through with Integrated PWM Dimming and operates from a typical 12V signal. The Smart Bridge DC-DC Converter with Integrated PWM Dimming (SBDCD4213F) is de­signed for applications requiring a step-up conversion from 5V to 12V. The third version is the Smart Bridge DC-DC Converter Without Dimming (SBDC4227F).


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