Air2guide series differential pressure switches


The range of products of Transfer Multisort Elektronik has been widened by air2guide series low differential pressure switches manufactured by Wika. These are differential air transducers used to monitor differential air pressure and other non-aggressive and non-flammable gases.

The main areas of use are:
• Fans, blowers and filters monitoring in HVAC and UHP type industry;
• Overpressure monitoring in laboratories and cleanroom;
• Filters and fans monitoring in air ventilation channels;
• Air and firefighting gates control.

The main advantages of pressure switches include:
• Simple installation and assembly;
• High reliability;
• Strong and resistant design;
• Adjustable response time;
• IP54 leakproofness rate;
• 2 universal connections ø 4mm;
• Working temperature range from -20°C to 70°C.

There are 3 models of pressure switches:
1. A2G-40-500 with the measuring range of 30-500 Pa and relay output;

2. A2G-50-1000 with the measuring range of 0-1000 Pa and with 2 analogue outputs, current output 4-20mA and voltage output of 0-10VDC;

3. A2G-50-5000 with the measuring range of 0-5000 Pa and with 2 analogue outputs, current output 4-20mA and voltage output 0-10VDC.

A2G-40 model has switched relay output, with the load capacity of 2A at 250VAC, while A2G-50 models can be supplied both with DC 24VDC as well as with AC 24VAC.
Small dimensions and weight, wide range of working temperatures, standard and most popular in the industry types of control outputs make those relays very compact equipment with broad range of applications.

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