Specialty chemicals from CRC in TME offer

19 NOVEMBER 2009

CRC, headquartered in Belgium, is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty chemicals used in electronics, automatics, serving automotive and many other markets. The chemicals are available in the form of sprays, pastes and foams, contained in aerosol containers, tubes and bottles.
Among new products from CRC there is a series of industrial specialty chemicals including a few groups of chemicals for use in the car, electrical, electronics and marine industries. These include: industrial and precision cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants (sprays, oils, pastes, dry grease), sealants and specialty products. High efficiency of the chemicals is achieved through a selection of special additives matched with the product applications.
The chemicals are characterized by their high resistance to adverse environmental conditions, thus protecting efficiently the materials and equipment they have been applied on.
An excellent example of an advanced lubricating and protective chemical is CRC Power Lube with an addition of Teflon, used for long lasting- lubrication and protection from friction of bearings, gears, guide bars etc. Available in an aerosol container with a specially designed valve, Power Lube may be applied irrespectively of the orientation of the container and a special tube enables application of the chemical in not easily accessible areas.
Another example of a general- purpose maintenance chemical is zinc phosphate based CRC Zinc Primer which may be used as a prime coat for protection of metal surfaces of equipment housings. A surface treated with Zinc Primer is ready for final application of paint. TME offer also includes CRC chemicals registered by NSF, an independent not-for-profit organization certifying products for safe use in food processing. A good example is CRC Foodkleen Foodgrade- a powerful, chlorine- free cleaner/ degreaser used for maintenance of mechanical equipment in the food industry.
For more information: www.tme.eu

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