DEK Galaxy Platform Enables LORD Corporation’s Product Development Initiatives


To progress development of its next-generation pre-applied underfill materials, LORD Corporation has selected DEK’s award-winning Galaxy platform. LORD, a Cary, North Carolina-based leading manufacturer of electronic materials, found the precision, accuracy and process capability of the Galaxy simply unmatched and, therefore, the ideal system to enable its materials innovation initiatives.
Pre-applied – also known as wafer-applied – underfill (WAU) systems have garnered much attention.
However, to date, few formulations have delivered the performance required to move the process into mainstream semiconductor packaging applications such as wafer-level CSPs and flip-chip technology. Historically, pre-applied underfills have suffered from challenges such as material integrity issues during the wafer dicing process and long-term material stability. LORD Corporation’s WAU resolves many of these challenges, offering a material that, among other benefits, exhibits no cracking from dicing stress. Initially deposit thickness uniformity was also a challenge, but the capabilities of the Galaxy system overcame this hurdle, proving the superior functionality of the platform and ultimately becoming the deciding factor for LORD Corporation’s selection of DEK. DEK’s Galaxy platform has long been recognized as the system of choice for next-generation processes and robust high-volume manufacturing requirements. With alignment capability of 2 Cpk @ +/- 12.5µm and throughput of 45 wafers per hour, the Galaxy affords high-speed, precise and repeatable performance for a variety of applications that range from traditional SMT through to the most advanced semiconductor packaging processes. What’s more, when equipped with DEK’s ultra flat wafer pallet technology, the Galaxy delivers the stability and control required for processing today’s delicate wafer products.

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