MSC Introduces the New LED Driver MBI6651 from MACROBLOCK

17 JUNE 2009

A step ahead due to the lifetime of a LED and improvement of the application’s efficiency, MSC launched the new driver IC MBI6651 from MACROBLOCK. It enables the design of a constant current source with only four external components! The high efficiency of more than 93 % at heavy load with 1 Ampere and three LEDs in series as well as 85 % at light load with 0.35 Ampere and one LED allows the usage of a very small PCB. The LED driver impresses with high efficiency realized with the new Puls Frequency Mode (PFM).
Especially at light load the efficiency could have been improved.
Also an advantage of MBI6651 are the complete protection functions like thermal shutdown, under voltage lockout, short circuit, LED open and soft start. The application operates with a voltage over 9 up to 30 Volts DC and supplies a current up to 1 Ampere. The accuracy ranges at typical 3%.
The LED can be dimmed by applying a PWM signal to the DIM pin. MACROBLOCK’S LED driver is available at MSC Vertriebs GmbH and comes either in a 5-pin D-Pak or in the SOT23-6 and MPSO-8 Packages.
For further information please contact MSC Vertriebs GmbH.

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