Smallest High Voltage Double Chokes

15 JANUARY 2019

Würth Elektronik eiSos presents WE-CPIB HV

WE-CPIB HV double chokes with 2 kV isolation voltage — Image source: Würth Elektronik eiSos

2 kV isolation voltage distinguishes the WE-CPIB HV double chokes. With its 4828 package it is the smallest of its type in the Würth Elektronik eiSos portfolio. The 1:1 transformer is magnetically shielded and offers functional isolation for a working voltage of 250 VRMS. The double choke offers better leakage inductance (LS) and resistance (RDC) values than comparable components on the market. The component optimised for SMT manufacture is specified for the temperature range from 40 to +125°C.

Typical applications for the WE-CPIB HV high voltage double choke include isolated converter applications (such as flyback converters) with high packaging density buck, boost, Sepic, Zeta, and CUK converters, as well as switching controllers with a second, unregulated output voltage. WE-CPIB HV can be used as an individual inductor with series and parallel connection.

WE-CPIB is now available from stock in any quantities in versions with inductance values between 4.7 and 47 µH. You can request free samples.

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