Rutronik presents the new accelerometer from Bosch Sensortec

18 JUNE 2018

Rutronik is adding the BMA400 accelerometer from Bosch Sensortec to its portfolio. It features ultra-low power consumption without compromising on performance. The sensor is available to order on
The BMA400 allows continuous, low-noise measurement of motion on three axes with 12-bit digital resolution and several selectable bandwidths. The ultra-efficient sensor detects tilting movements, linear motion, and tapping / double tapping. It also tracks the level of activity and counts the number of steps taken, making it ideal for a number of applications in various areas, including the smart home / IoT, wearable devices, industry, and energy management.
The integrated step counter and embedded activity tracking function consume just 4 μA of power in total. In ultra-energy-saving mode, the power consumption can be reduced even further to 800 nA. An automatic wake-up function can then return the sensor to normal operating mode when required.
In terms of power consumption and noise suppression, the BMA400 is highly configurable and can work in two operating modes. Therefore, the greatest possible flexibility is ensured when integrating the sensor into always on low power systems. With standard data capture, the acceleration data is continuously read out via the sensor’s digital interface and processed by a microcontroller or processor. An integrated 1kB FIFO buffer as well as an auto wake-up mode and an auto power-saving mode are also available. During normal operation, a current consumption of significantly less than 4μA is possible. With the plug and play function, data processing takes place in the chip itself. If the sensor detects predefined situations, it triggers an interrupt signal. Both the cause of the interrupt signal and other recorded data can be read out later on.
The sensor is compatible with a wide range of VDD and VDDIO supply voltages; the output and power consumption remain constant at all times. With digital I²C and SPI interfaces (three- or four-wire) and dimensions measuring 2 mm × 2 mm × 0.95 mm, it can be easily integrated into various designs.

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