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18 JUNE 2018

As industry experts, we are familiar with the various fields of application of intralogistics and their unique requirements, and we develop products tailored to them. This enables our customers to offer competitive solutions.

Pallet conveyor system

Curtain for efficiency
Safety light curtains of the MLC SPG series (Smart Process Gating) enable protective field bridging without additional muting sensors.
Compact solution, as there is no need to make space for muting sensors in front/behind the light curtain.
Outstanding reliability of the safety device and low installation and service costs (no set-up/alignment/realignment of muting sensors).
High security against tampering and high availability through muting via the control.

Wide detection
The wide homogeneous detection bands of the VarOS 46C series with red light ensure that all types of objects are reliably detected.
Wide range of possible applications thanks to two adjustable sensitivity levels.
Economical and space-saving. One sensor for 50 mm detection – replaces multiple individual sensors or light barriers and offers high performance reserves and operating ranges.
When used as a muting sensor, packages or objects wrapped in film are reliably detected as well.

Container conveyor system

Our BCL 300i makes it possible for the first time to put together a device with many different equipment options in order to perfectly tailor it to the application.
High-performance code reconstruction technology, integrated fieldbus connectivity, and – in this performance class – unrivalled optical data at long
range and wide opening angle.
The integrated Ethernet switch enables the implementation of a simple linear topology.
Tailored to the application thanks to freely combinable equipment options.

The series 15 is compact, and has an attractive price and an extremely large operating range. It is very suitable for use in standard applications.
The robust sensors are characterized by very large operating ranges as well as their compact, cubic housing.
In intralogistics, they offer an economical solution due to their attractive pricing.
The PRK 15 is perfectly suited for all standard operating principles with PNP or NPN output. Comfortable operating range adjustment by means of potentiometer.

Carton conveyor system

The eye of Argus is watching
The BCL 600i is the specialist for large reading fields with codes with modulus widths from 0.25 to 0.5 mm. The use of blue laser light yields an increase in the depth of field of up to 50%.
High-performance code reconstruction technology, integrated fieldbus connectivity, and – in this performance class – unrivaled optical data.
MultiScans allows for logically combining multiple devices into a single read station, so that only one read result is provided.
The integrated switch function makes it possible to set up line or ring structures.

Everything under control
The LSC 200 is a complete system for intralogistics and packaging systems in which sensors and evaluation unit are optimally matched to one another.
In the measurement station, sensors can be used for object measurement as well as for object detection.
The preinstalled software handles data processing and makes the user data available to the user via defined interfaces.
Transparent objects, including the angular position, are detected. Can be expanded with 1D- or 2D-code identification.


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