12 NOVEMBER 2017

SEICA AUTOMATION was founded to fulfill customer needs of handling systems for the electronic production.
The company can supply every kind of automation systems to complete production lines, from the easiest to the most elaborate ones.
Thanks to its engineering department, which uses themost advances tools for development and 3D design,SEICA AUTOMATION can offer high quality standards, fast conceiving times and a wide customization of the modules.
The internal production department assures the possibility to put on trial every single machine in its entire working cycle; systems development and later upgrades can be also available.
People with more of 20 years of experience in board handling gives Seica Automation team the necessary know-how to find always the most efficient solution and to solve any production issue.
SEICA AUTOMATION manufactures loaders, unloaders, conveyors, buffers, shuttles, and has a wide range of standard handling systems as well as an infinite number of other customized solutions.

An experience of more than 20 years gives to SEICA AUTOMATION the necessary know-how to find the efficient solution for customer board handling,traceability and custom automated solution, we propose to our customer the complete realization of turnkey assembly system.
SEICA AUTOMATION product portfolio include Board Handling, Traceability product like label applicators and laser marking, soldering line, press fit cell and many other custom products. The whole production flow is “MADE IN ITALY”, under the control of SEICA AUTOMATION R&D and quality dept, all European rules and laws are fully respected.

Create your PCB line flow process with our proven, flexible and reliable handling system. Seica Automation is organized to design and manufacture our product lines and accessories to ensure the rapid response times needed to meet the demands of SMT manufacturers, providing solutions that are high performance, flexible and that have an optimum price/quality ratio. Each unit is equipped with its own control PLC and is fully SMEMA compliant. Our two different product lines, Flo and Flex, have been designed to satisfy every customer requirement.

Has a great price/performance ratio, and is the ideal solution for standard lines handling small to medium size PCBs.

Guarantees maximum performance for every handling requirement, thanks to its high level of flexibility and customization. We provide standardized solutions designed for your specific applications, such as traceability, testing, curing, cutting, and dispensing. High performance robots are equipped with specific tools to fulfill each application.

The traceability system enables the user to locate boards requiring verification or modifications. It is therefore possible to track, for each assembled PCB, every component used, as well as the operator responsible. Seica Automation has a wide range of both laser marking machines and labeling machines.

Soldering lines can solve every PCB manufacturing cycle requirement involving manual assembly, by optimizing carrier logistics as well as handling of single boards.
The information made available through barcode readers and pin codes, enables carriers to be sent to specific areas, as well as the automatic selection of soldering programs and the implementation of customized assembly cycles. This structure enables the operators to work either in-line (sequential assembly) or in work areas of varied complexity. We can implement your project, whether it be a
simple or very complex soldering line.

LTHD Corporation S.R.L.
Head Office: Timișoara – ROMÂNIA, 300153, 70 Ardealul Str.,,
Tel.: +40 256 201273, +40 356 401266, Fax: +40 256 490813

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