ARCCORE launches AUTOSAR Starter Kit for NXP’s Arm Cortex based S32K Automotive Microcontrollers

17 OCTOBER 2017

ARCCORE, an independent, established AUTOSAR software provider is broadening access to the rapidly evolving automotive market with the introduction of a new starter kit for NXP’s widely adopted S32K family of Arm® Cortex®-based microcontrollers (MCUs).
Automotive OEMs increasingly mandate the use of the open and industry-leading AUTOSAR standard in their ECUs where it simplifies development through software reuse and improved code quality and reliability. Current AUTOSAR solutions, however, are often complex and require a significant initial investment cost. This limits their adoption and in turn, innovation in automotive platforms.
ARCCORE’s new S32K starter kit includes the market proven Arctic Core basic software, the Arctic Studio tool chain and a Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) from NXP. Components are available free of charge with a 60-day evaluation license and are fully integrated in a user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE). Combined with the S32K MCU family’s future-proof features, broad scalability and automotive-grade software tools, the kit provides a new starting point for developers of traditional and emerging AUTOSAR applications.
Arctic Core contains a full set of features required for Automotive ECUs including communication, diagnostic and ISO 26262 compliant safety services, and a real-time operating system. Arctic Studio IDE provides a complete software development environment based on the Eclipse framework.  The MCAL software components enable access to the MCU’s peripherals including communication and control ports for input/output.

The S32K starter kit will be available to download at in November 2017. ARCCORE also supports NXP’s MPC5xxx Power Architecture MCU family.

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